Correct understanding of bracelets and bracelets – jewelry that shows the charm of women

Although there are different characteristics, many people still mistakenly think that bracelets and bracelets show the same line of accessories. A few suggestions below will make it easy to distinguish and to choose the right jewelry for the new year.

1. Distinguish bracelets and bracelets

Although carrying two different concepts, bracelets and bracelets are often mistaken for the same piece of jewelry.

Bracelets are a term to describe all the jewelry patterns worn on the wrist. Besides, bracelets are also made from many different materials that can be mentioned: metal, gemstones, jade, leather or wood.

Unlike bracelets, which are only made of metal, the most prominent design is the chain.

2. Bracelets – the beauty of sophistication and elegance

Although there are different designs, both male and female bracelets possess a variety of designs.

The most popular and favorite men’s bracelets are the chain type – typical jewelry for men. Usually crafted from gold or silver, the chain link bracelet has a large, thick design, showing the wearer’s masculinity as well as strength.

For women, the most popular bracelet design is the thin version, expressing the tenderness but no less elegance of women. The 14K White Gold bracelet with Akoya PNJ pearl – a jewel originating from Japan and the charming bright white color will become an accessory that adorns the owner’s sharpness.

14K White Gold Bracelet with Akoya PNJ Pearls - the beauty of perfect charm
14K White Gold Bracelet with Akoya PNJ Pearls – the beauty of perfect charm

For girls who love the elegance from gems, the 10K White Gold bracelet with ECZ Swarovski PNJ stone will definitely make the owner shine with modernity and charm. Belonging to the EC jewelry line imported from Austria’s SWAROVSKI GEM, the stones on this item are perfectly crafted and have a brilliant diamond-like dispersion, which is sure to bring out a unique luxury beauty.

3. Shake hands – delicate and elegant jewelry

The most popular and most popular type of bracelet on the market today is the chain link bracelet, usually crafted of gold or silver, which means sincerity and luck.

The most popular type of bracelet will usually not be studded with stones, instead embellished with other feminine, delicate details. PNJ’s 18K white gold Italian bracelet will be a great accessory for girls who love minimalism but still appreciate their nobility and elegance.

18K PNJ white gold Italian bracelet - Elegant and elegant
18K PNJ white gold Italian bracelet – Elegant and elegant

Currently, in order to meet the needs of customers, PNJ also introduces an extremely exquisitely crafted 18K Gold Bracelet with Tourmaline. With 18K gold represents nobility and Tourmaline – a gem known as a multicolored amulet, this jewelry will contribute to the luxury of the wearer.

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