Instruct you on how to preserve and clean your jewelry, silver, and precious stones

Jewelry is considered a precious item in women’s fashion wardrobe. For a man, a men’s ring is an accessory that shows his class. Owning these precious jewelry items, owners do not miss the tips on how to use and preserve and clean them.

On the advice of experts, you should not wear jewelry 24 hours a day or throughout the week, first of all for your health (because wearing jewelry will block the blood vessels to circulate when you sleep). The best way to keep jewelry in good shape is to avoid exposing it to environmental factors; Absolutely not contact with cosmetics and chemicals.

Take off your jewelry when you do housework, play sports, go swimming, and even sleep to prevent scratches, falls and rocks. Besides, depending on the material of the jewelry making, each type also has its own cleaning and preservation methods so that your jewelry is always bright, beautiful and durable.

Gold jewelry

Put gold jewelry in a bottle of warm water (with shampoo – it is better to use shampoo for children). Then, gently shake or use chopsticks to stir well for a while and then take out to dry cloth to absorb all the water. Once dry you should use felt to polish to help brighten the gold.

Gold jewelry
Gold jewelry

Pearl jewelry

Use a little warm water mixed with baby shower gel then soak pearls for 1 minute. Then remove the pearls and dry with a cotton towel. Attention should wipe gently. Absolutely do not use a brush as it can scratch your pearl beads.

Another tip for pearl jewelry is to use it regularly. Because according to experts, the natural oils secreted by the body have the ability to shine pearls. And remember that normally, pearls are strung from silk or nylon so that over a long period of time they can break. So about 1 to 2 years you should bring the pearl string to replace the new rope.

Pearl jewelry
Pearl jewelry

Gemstone jewelry (jade, ruby, turquoise …)

If you use jewelry encrusted with gems, clean them by soaking them in warm water with a little dilute soap, then immediately remove and wipe with a soft cotton cloth.

Absolutely do not soak gemstones for a long time as such chemicals can penetrate and discolor the jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry
Gemstone jewelry

Silver jewelry

The easiest way to clean silver jewelry is to use toothpaste. Use toothpaste to brush the surface of the jewelry for a while, then wipe off the toothpaste.

Another way you can also use is to take the lemon after squeezing the water, add a little salt and put it in a bowl of water, then drop the jewelry in, boil for about 10 minutes and then take out using a velvet cloth. clean. This will make the jewelry shiny and bright.

Platinum jewelry

Platinum jewelry is a line of jewelry crafted from the most rare material in the world with an eternal color fastness. Platinum has high resistance to oxidation and toughness. With a hardness of 4 – 4.5 on the Mohs scale (less than the hardness of Quartz dust in air is 7), platinum jewelry is easy to scratch. However, these scratches will fade with time.

The feature of this high-end jewelry line is usually only Diamonds. Therefore, when using, you should note the following points:

– Do not wear jewelry 24/24, remove when in contact with heavy and hard objects
– Avoid contact with chemicals, cosmetics and cleaning agents.
– Should check the socket and polish the product periodically to keep the original brightness and durability.

How to preserve jewelry made of gold, silver or gemstones?

The common feature of these jewelry is that it is easy to reveal scratches or stains if not stored and stored scientifically. Therefore, if we want those precious items to always be shiny like new, we also need to have the proper usage and best preservation.

After each wearing, you should store them in safe places such as ring box, jewelry box to ensure it is always dry & avoid collision with hard, sharp objects.

Following the instructions above, you will really feel secure when doing how to clean your gold, silver or gem jewelry, and understand how to preserve the best, scientifically correct items. The jewelry is always shiny like new and safe in value.

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