Should Wear Silver Bracelets, Baby Bracelets?

Should Infant Silver Bracelets?

– The effect of silver when wearing silver for children

In addition to its effects on fashion, silver jewelry also offers a number of benefits when used especially with children. However, some parents still wonder about the effects of silver jewelry on children. Here Silver Bao Tin would like to introduce to parents some reasons you should wear a silver bracelet for your child.

- The effect of silver when wearing silver for children
– The effect of silver when wearing silver for children

Silver has strong antibiotic properties and antiseptic effects. It helps to fight some bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Silver can balance other elements in the body, so it is very important for human health.

Silver helps blood vessels elastic, which is important for bone formation and healing, and skin formation and repair.


Silver has antibiotic effects, preventing diseases, therefore, silver is always the jewelry of choice for everyone, especially for children. However, for babies, the body is still weak, the resistance is poor, silver jewelry such as silver bracelets, silver bracelets have potential risks for children.

First, parents are very easy to buy fake silver or silver rings, which are poor quality items, which are mainly made of very toxic mercury, cadmium … then covered with a layer of metal. for silver plating, which makes these silver rings sparkle and look like real silver. This metal layer is contaminated with lead, mercury and cadmium in excess of the permitted level, especially cadmium. Cadmium is a very toxic heavy metal, ranked seventh out of 275 extremely toxic substances to human health, especially for children. Some harms easily occur such as skin allergies, infections, even cancer …

Second, children have curiosity. Therefore, when children wear silver bracelets, silver bracelets or anything else, they also have the ability to put on their mouths. The bacteria also follow that way that penetrates the child’s immature body.

Third, silver jewelry has a sharp, pointed shape that will likely cause damage to children.

Fourth, the baby’s skin is very sensitive, it can irritate the skin when wearing a silver bracelet, shaking silver.

However, if it is imperative to wear a silver bracelet for the baby, parents need to pay attention to the following:

Baby silver must be 100% pure silver, meaning no impurities. If so, the baby is really safe.

Silver ring, silver shake for baby must be smooth, smooth, without loose particles or sharp shapes.

The silver size is just right: not too wide, not too tight, not too heavy, nor too fussy.

Regularly clean the ring, shake because when playing, children often put them in their mouths, bacteria are easy to break into the baby’s fragile body.

When detecting that the baby’s skin is allergic, red, or has any other signs, need to remove it immediately.

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