What if you wear sneakers without socks?

The funny saying “Wearing shoes without wearing socks is better than barefoot”, which has been passed by word of mouth since. This statement sounds counterintuitive, while wearing shoes without socks is now a trend for men. But did you know that if you regularly wear shoes but not socks, especially sneakers, what will happen? Here are some things you might not expect from the dangers of wearing sneakers without socks.

Your sneakers will smell

It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true and it’s actually the worst part of wearing sneakers without socks. Every day our feet release about 200-300 ml of sweat, the fact that you do not wear socks will cause moisture, increase moisture for the shoes, this creates an extremely unpleasant odor and affects people around. again. To eliminate shoe odors, Lawa tells you 5 tips below:

Use salt to deodorize shoes

Salt is a very close ingredient in our lives. As a versatile material that has many uses, the antimicrobial ability of salt helps eliminate odors for speed sneakers.

You just wrap the salt in a small cloth bag and put it in the shoe. Leave it on for 8 to 10 hours and the smell will be eliminated quickly. .

Apple cider vinegar deodorizes shoes

To make it very simple, you just need to prepare apple cider vinegar and a thin cloth. Dip a cloth in apple cider vinegar solution and rub the inside of your sneakers. Then dry in the sun for 10 minutes to dry and remove the smell.

Tea effectively deodorizes shoes

Tea is also an antibacterial agent that effectively reduces odors. Use the return bag in your shoes and let it sit overnight until morning to see all the effects.

Use newspaper

Newspaper has the ability to absorb moisture so that it can effectively deodorize. You crumple up the newspaper and stuff it in sneakers. Your shoes will not get wet and bacteria cannot grow.

Use baby powder

Chalk has the ability to absorb moisture and kill bacteria very well. You sprinkle powder on the shoes and leave in a cool place overnight. You will notice that the smell of sneakers is greatly reduced.

Your sneakers will be colored flying

If you notice a little, you’ll notice that the inside of your sneaker will turn from white to gray. This will take away the aesthetics and value of your sneakers.

The life of the shoes is reduced



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