Why NIKE AIR FORCE SHOES always impress with the SNEAKER SHOES community

Simply put, ‘quality’ is the assessment of many young people when it comes to these sneakers. As a result, AF1 has survived in this extremely demanding shoe world. Compared with other classic Nike shoes such as Jordan, Joyride, Uptempo, Pegasus … Nike Air Force 1 has a price that is suitable for all types of customers, there are pairs of only 50 USD, but there are pairs of prices. worth thousands of dollars. Therefore it becomes an ideal collectible item of Sneakerhead in the world.

Air Force 1 shoes are available in more than 1,700 versions in different colors and growing. But the two primary colors white-on-white and black-on-black are still the two most successful versions and have the best-selling number of products in this product line. 12 million was the number of shoes sold during its peak period in 2005.


Nike Air Force is a cult shoe with sales always at a very high level and is very popular with consumers. With a neat design, beautiful eye and personality, Nike Air Force has been receiving countless positive feedback from customers across the country from all different audiences.

And it’s not surprising that this shoe is so sought after and attention. Follow the article below to find out the reasons that Nike Air Force always makes an impression and attracts a large number of customers!

nike-air-force-.jp (1)
nike-air-force-.jp (1)

Introducing Nike Air Force

The birth history of Nike Air Force so far has been 35 years, but this cult shoe has never been hot in the young community. The product is considered one of the most popular sneaker models, the most typical in the list of youth sports shoes. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you are passionate about sneakers and love the youthful, healthy, personality, and strong personality, Nike Air Force is definitely a perfect choice.

Minimalism & sophistication

Nike Air Force is known as a special shoe for its simplicity and sophistication in design, giving you a comfortable feeling to wear. This shoe also helps young people of modest height to have a little height, creating a sense of confidence and more beautiful in the eyes of the opposite person.

Mix (Mix) map easily

nike-air-fo (1)
nike-air-fo (1)

Nike Air Force shoes are loved by many customers because this is a shoe that can balance fashion style with easy combination for casual clothes for both men and regardless of age like jeans. , short or mischievous camouflage styles, gently cute dresses,…. Nike Air Force is versatile and suitable for any outfit.

Various colors

When using Nike Air Force you do not need to worry too much about outfit problems. Because the diverse design with many different versions and colors helps users to easily combine with all types of costumes without feeling familiar or boring.

Nike Air Force is easy and suitable for all ages, you can create new, unique and unique styles when combined with this sneaker line.

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